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City cycling 2018 from September 7 to 21, 2018

STADTRADELN 2018 is just around the corner. From September 7 to 21, 2018, cars will be left standing, streetcars will be relieved and bicycles will be used. The nationwide climate protection campaign is organized in Kassel by the city. The University of Kassel is at the start with a team. We are looking for fellow cyclists.

Image: University of Kassel / Erwin Ozgur

Whether to the university, home, shopping, partying, friends, acquaintances, etc., many use the bicycle. With the Stadtradeln campaign, one is also shown how much CO2 has been avoided. At the end of the campaign there is a closing event in the city hall, very motivated people are also awarded there.

The Team Uni Kassel cyclists must be indicated in step 2 during registration. You can register here:

The kilometers cycled can be recorded directly with the STADTRADELN app or entered again and again on the website in your own profile. These are then added up for each participant, then for each team and then for the city of Kassel.