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11/19/2018 | Campus-Meldung

Innovative thinking in construction: Hessian construction industry awards prizes to graduates of the University of Kassel

Two graduates of the University of Kassel have been honored by the Verband baugewerblicher Unternehmer Hessen e.V. (VbU) for their final theses.

Image: Frank Kleefeldt
Award winners in the field of economics/civil engineering (from left to right): Timo Stanzel (2nd prize, Uni Kassel), Peter-Felix Klöpfel (1st prize, Uni Kassel).

Peter-Felix Klöpfel was the winner in the economics category. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Racky, his bachelor thesis dealt with "Investigations into the optimization of construction site operations using the lean construction approach in a civil engineering project from the point of view of the construction company carrying out the work".

The 2nd prize went toTimo Stanzel, also from the University of Kassel. The work was supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volkhard Franz. The master's thesis dealt with the "Analysis of the reform of the construction contract law and its effects on the construction contract and project development from a construction management perspective."

This is the 35th time the association has awarded the promotional prizes for outstanding exam papers in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and construction management. "With these prizes, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting students who are advancing innovative construction in their respective final theses by providing a financial incentive and introducing them to practical work," said VbU Vice President Dr.-Ing. Hans-Hartwig Loewenstein. The prizes for the business category were donated this year by Frankfurter Sparkasse.


More information and further prize winners in the VbU press release: