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Discussion event "It wouldn't have happened to a robot - science controversial".

This wouldn't have happened to a robot!

How artificial intelligence and digitization are changing our working world.


Whether in the factory, the doctor's office or the office - the advances in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and digitization are as impressive as they are rapid. But precisely because of the great importance attached to AI and robotics for the future of work, these advances are generating not only many hopes but also reservations and fears among the population. Whereas humans used to operate many machines themselves, they now only perform a control function in many places or have been completely replaced by them.

The discussion "It wouldn't have happened to a robot!" will look at what the interaction between humans and machines might look like in the everyday working world of the future. How are robotization and digitization changing individual occupational fields? What different forms can human-technology interactions take in production or office work? Will they lead to an improvement in our working conditions or to a devaluation of human labor and a loss of employment? And how can we as a society respond to these developments?

Dr. rer. pol. Philipp Ebel
University of Kassel, Research Group Leader in the Department of Business Informatics

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Jürgens
University of Kassel, Head of the Department of Micro Sociology

Dr. Jürgen Klippert
IG Metall Executive Board, Future of Work Department

Claus Peter Müller von der Grün



Holländische Straße 74
34127 Kassel