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05/06/2019 | Pressemitteilung

World's largest directory of banned books online - sign against censorship

The world's largest index of censored books has gone online. The so-called Kassel List lists around 120,000 titles from all times and countries that are or were on an index.

Image: Fabian Hilbich.
The "Parthenon of Books" 2017 on Kassel's Friedrichsplatz.

Germanists at the University of Kassel had begun the directory in the run-up to documenta 14 in support of the iconic artwork Parthenon of Books: In 2017, Argentine artist Marta Minujin dressed up this replica of the Athens Parthenon with editions of banned books. To validate it, she used a list compiled by the team led by Prof. Dr. Nikola Roßbach, a literary scholar at the University of Kassel, and visiting professor Dr. Florian Gassner from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. This list has since expanded to 120,000 titles and is available as of May 1, 2019, at

The list includes works by Bertolt Brecht or Erich Maria Remarque, banned under National Socialism, as well as surprising entries, such as the Spanish version of "The Little Prince." Numerous currently banned titles make the list a highly topical virtual memorial against censorship and unfreedom. "Our goal is to document global censorship and defend freedom of expression," Roßbach says.

The list goes on: Censored books, whether from earlier times or current cases, can be reported on the website. Verifiable proof is essential.

To the list:



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