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Conference: INFORMATICS 2019

The INFORMATIK 2019 conference will take place from September 23 - 26, 2019 at the University of Kassel. On the occasion of the founding of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) in 1969, the 50th anniversary will be celebrated with an attractive, wide-ranging program. The annual conference is aimed not only at GI members but at everyone involved in science and practice with topics of computer science and digitization who would like to inform themselves about the latest developments and exchange ideas.

The guiding theme of the conference is "50 years of the Gesellschaft für Informatik - Informatik für Gesellschaft". On the one hand, it reflects a central concern of the GI, and on the other hand, a focus of computer science at the University of Kassel. Digitalization is fundamentally changing our lives and many citizens see digitalization not only as an opportunity but as a risk, even a threat. In the development of this technology, it is therefore important to consider its social embedding as an integral part. The conference will offer participants a wide range of lectures and discussions in this environment.

Other components of the diverse program include four high-profile keynotes, several workshops, the Business - Science Dialogue including a company exhibition, presentations on the "Art of Informatics", and two festive evening events in the Old Brethren Church and the Orangery.

INFORMATIK 2019 will be held together with the partner conferences Environmental Informatics (EnviroInfo 2019), Artificial Intelligence (AI 2019) and the student conference SKILL 2019. The conference fee is "all inclusive" and includes access to all presentations and discussions.

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