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07/02/2020 | Pressemitteilung

Start of renovation of the art school library in Menzelstraße

During the lecture-free period, the library's premises at the Kunsthochschule Kassel are being expanded and technically adapted to the infrastructural requirements.

Image: König + Neurath AG
Art university library - new room design, first floor plan

Extensive renovations are scheduled at the KHS in the coming years. The first of these will be the library at the KHS site, starting at the beginning of July. The space on the first floor will be expanded and the entrance relocated to the stairwell. This will create a spacious learning space. With the redesign and technical modernization of both library levels, fire protection, lighting and electrical and digital connections in particular will be brought up to the latest safety and technical standards.

The Department of Construction, Real Estate and Technology and the University Library are taking advantage of the upcoming non-event time during the summer months for the necessary renovation work in order to minimize the disruption to students and staff on site.

Parts of the holdings there are now freely accessible in the campus library on Holländischer Platz in building section B, level 2. Holdings in the closed stacks at KHS remain available for order through internal circulation. The only downer is the book holdings that are otherwise freely accessible in the KHS, which had to be packed away in a dust-proof manner for the duration of the renovation, because there is no more space for removal from storage in view of two other ongoing renovations at the major library locations, Murhard Library and Campus Library. This collection can be ordered free of charge via interlibrary loan until the end of the renovation. It is expected that the library rooms will be refurnished and reopened with an enlarged entrance area in November 2020 - of course always subject to the Corona situation allowing this.


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