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03/10/2021 | Campus-Meldung

Prof. Dr. Oliver Sträter new President of GfA

At the 67th Spring Congress of the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft e. V. (GfA), Prof. Dr. Oliver Sträter was elected President. The head of the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Kassel thus takes over from Prof. Dr. Klaus Bengler. His term of office is two years.

Image: Henriette Muxlhanga

The congress was organized by the Ruhr University Bochum under the motto "Work humAIne gestalten". It took place virtually from 03.03.21 to 05.03.21. Contentwise it was about the question, how artificial intelligence can be designed in the interest of humans?
The Society for Work Science is an association of scientists and other interested parties. Its goal is to promote healthy, safe and efficient living and working conditions through interdisciplinary research. It is committed to achieving the goals of individual occupational health and safety, social appropriateness of work, and technical and economic rationality. In doing so, it sees itself in particular as a platform for exchange between science and practice as well as all interested social groups.

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