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03/27/2021 | Pressemitteilung

Project on robots with sensors wins main prize in "Schüler experimentieren" competition

With a work on robots, Tom Bernhardt from the Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen in Kassel won the prize for the best creative work in the second Hessian state competition "Schüler experimentieren". "Schüler experimentieren" is the junior division of the "Jugend forscht" competition for young researchers up to the age of 14. The competition was hosted by the University of Kassel.

Image: University of Kassel.
Hybrid award ceremony: In the middle, moderator Sascha Ott, on the right, competition director Eva Kretzer, on the left, host Prof. Dr. Axel Bangert from the University of Kassel. Representatives of the jury and, of course, the participants were also present.
Image: University of Kassel.
Moderator Sascha Ott with the winner of the award for the best creative work Tom Bernhardt.

The prize for the best creative work is endowed with 300 euros and is donated by the Hessian Ministry of Education. 12-year-old Tom Bernhardt impressed the jury with his very careful and professional work on robots that move independently in rooms. He equipped a prototype with ultrasound and brightness sensors, among other things. The prize for the best interdisciplinary project (150 euros) went to the duo Fabian Sotonica and Tom Lippok (both 14) from the MINT Center at Schuldorf Bergstrasse, Seeheim. They had worked on crystals that are as pure as possible and their effect on light.

Other prizes were awarded for a work on the extraction of drinking water from seawater (individual participant), an investigation into the ability of soil to store water (Neues Gymnasium, Rüsselsheim ), and for a work on environmentally friendly detergent (Elisabethschule, Marburg).

53 students competed in 33 teams. Winners were chosen in seven disciplines: Work Environment, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, Mathematics/Informatics, Physics and Technology. There were also numerous special prizes. In addition to the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Kassel, the cdw Foundation and Hübner GmbH und Co KG supported the event.

"The University of Kassel is committed to sustainably promoting young talent from the MINT sector," said Prof. Dr. Axel Bangert, Dean of the Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Department. "'Schüler experimentieren' is an important contribution to this. This year's round has shown that even a digital competition under pandemic conditions is possible; but of course we look forward to meeting all the participants again in Kassel next year." Bangert congratulated all participants and prize winners.

Eva Kretzer, state competition director of "Schüler experimentieren" at Jugend forscht, said, "We experienced a smooth competition process, the participants presented and explained their work elaborately digitally. The jury was thrilled how passion and spirit of research, despite the distance, became tangible in many conversations."

Pupils who qualified for the state competition as the best in the seven regional competitions in Hesse had worked on projects on questions of their own choosing. This year, due to the pandemic, they presented their results to a competition jury via the web. The award ceremony also took place digitally. The ceremony was moderated by science journalist Dr. Sascha Ott.



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