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08/02/2021 | Campus-Meldung

delina Innovation Award for Digital Education

The project "ArgueLearn" of the team of Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister, Head of the Department of Business Informatics at the University of Kassel, and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Handschuh from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) was awarded 1st place in the university category of the delina innovation award for digital education.

Image: Naim Zierau.
Laureates of the delina award 2021 in the category university (from left to right): Prof. Jan Marco Leimeister, Christina Niklaus, Prof. Matthias Söllner, Thiemo Wambsganss and Prof. Siegfried Handschuh.

The learning tool "ArgueLearn - Adaptive Learning of Argumentation Skills Based on Artificial Intelligence" was developed with the project collaborators Prof. Matthias Söllner (Head of the Department of Business Informatics and System Development at the University of Kassel), Thiemo Wambsganss and Christina Niklaus (University of St. Gallen). It provides individual writing support for students to improve their reasoning techniques and is based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques.

This is because skills and competencies that go beyond the mere reproduction of knowledge are becoming increasingly important. These include, in particular, the ability to argue logically and in a structured manner. However, lecturers are limited both in terms of time and place to provide students with continuous individual feedback on their texts. This makes a continuous learning process difficult. This is where "ArgueLearn" can help. The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to provide students with individual formative argumentation feedback independent of the teacher's location and time. In this way, students' ability to reason logically and in a structured manner is promoted in a scaling manner. Students can access "ArgueLearn" web-based on different devices. Its use is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing students with different levels of learning to receive different levels of argumentation feedback.

"The interplay of the latest findings and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence paired with a user-centered design describes the level of innovation of the winners of this year's delina award in the category of higher education", with these words the announcement of the winner on June 23, 2021 of the prestigious award for digital education delina was introduced at the LEARNTEC 21 fair. The project "ArgueLearn" by Prof. Leimeister and Prof. Handschuh was able to convince the expert jury of 22 experts from science and practice from more than 120 submissions. "ArgueLearn" was funded by the Grundlagen Forschung Fond (GFF) of the University of St. Gallen and a mini-research grant of the Behavioral Lab of the University of St. Gallen.