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"SHOOT SHOP!" - Theater of the University of Kassel

A monumental wall of countless container boxes:
With them, KLAR, KLING, ÄTZ play through countless escape possibilities:
in search of a safe place, of liabilities and rootedness, of a real life.

They ask themselves: globalization, what is it really?

In the world of modern communication technology, where everybody can talk to everybody and still you can't get rid of the feeling of isolation and unreachability, the three zap their way through a life of news, personal memories and failed utopia

- and still live!

Sunday, 24.10.2021, 4:00 pm

Further performances:
Tuesday, 10/26/2021, 7:30pm
Friday,     10/29/2021, 7:30pm

Registration via:
Admission: 12€ / 6€

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