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12/09/2021 | Pressemitteilung

The new child of the university now has a name

Kassel Institute for Sustainability: This will be the name of the new scientific center on the topic of "Sustainable Development and Transformations" that is being established at the University of Kassel and is unique in Germany.

Image: Sonja Rode.

Independently of each other, Prof. Dr. Angela Schrott (Institute for Romance Studies, University of Kassel), Daniel Opper (UniKasselTransfer) as well as Lars Wächter, a graduate in commerce from Kassel, came up with a word mark, "Kassel Institute for Sustainability", whose quality fully convinced the founding board of directors.

"The name not only succinctly underlines the visibility of the new center, but it is also a strong brand with international appeal," said a delighted Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, President of the University of Kassel and founding director of the center.

This was preceded by a competition launched by the university management in the spring, with a public call for entries for the name to be submitted by July 16. The name sought should be internationally understandable and therefore in English. It should contain the words "sustainable" or "sustainability" as its core message, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). More than 100 people submitted a total of 184 name suggestions. Most of them came from Kassel and the surrounding region. In addition, people from all over Germany and abroad, for example from Turkey, Ireland, India and the USA, took part. Everyone who took part in the competition will receive products from the university's anniversary collection as a thank-you for their participation.

At the new Kassel Institute for Sustainability, up to 17 professorships will be established and new courses of study will be created. The Senate of the University of Kassel had decided to establish the center in June 2020. The first professorships have already been advertised. Not only will new courses of study be created in German and English, but existing courses of study will also be relieved and their quality further improved. At the University of Kassel, more than 120 departments are already involved with sustainability topics in various ways. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations comprise 17 objectives that are intended to contribute worldwide to ensuring sustainable development on an ecological, social and economic level.

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