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Brown Bag Lecture: Gone with the Wind? Of aerosols, pandemics and good public transport

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Lecture by Marissa Reiserer and Natalie Schneider, Research Assistants in Department 14, Department of Transportation Planning and Systems.

Public transit is indispensable to the transportation transition. But with the Corona pandemic, buses and trains have lost significant ridership. Yet to achieve climate goals, ridership - not incidence - should be on a steep upward trajectory. To fulfill its mission as part of the provision of public services and an important component of the transformation of the transport sector toward sustainable mobility for all, public transport must become pandemic-resistant. This also includes ensuring that everyone can use public transport with a good feeling. We present the current status of our research project.(

A brown bag, filled with a delicious sandwich and a sweet from the Studierendenwerk, is available at the Pavillon Café (students €3, employees and guests €3.30).

Informal and casual is the format of the Brown Bag Lecture: In cooperation with the departments of the university and the Studierendenwerk, young scientists* present their research topic in entertaining short lectures - while the audience* relaxes and eats their American Sandwich from the brown paper bag. The entire breadth of research is represented and the presenters strengthen their science communication skills.


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