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Cooperative Planning // FUSION Retrospectives with Ingrid Lübke in conversation with Ursula Stein & Markus Leibenath

Cooperative Planning - Ingrid Lübke - 1990-2007
Interlocutors*: Ursula Stein, Honorary Professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning I FB06, Markus Leibenath, Department of Landscape Planning and Communication I FB06

More than any other ideas, cooperative approaches have changed the theory and practice of spatial planning in recent decades. The dialogical departure from the "god-father-model" and the democratization intended by it has manifold facets and has occupied administration and politics from Aachen to Zittau at the latest since Stuttgart 21. Ingrid Lübke brought early experiences with integrated development and citizen-oriented planning from the Netherlands to Kassel and brought them to life in the city and university. Ursula Stein and Markus Leibenath discuss how the increased demands of committed citizens can be reconciled with the requirements of action-oriented planning in times of housing shortages and climate change.


FUSION Retrospectives

The Reform University Kassel is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Time to take stock and look ahead, also in architecture, urban and landscape planning, as part of the FUSION lecture series.

Where we come from and which lasting accents our department has set is the focus of the FUSION "Retrospectives" in the winter semester 2021/22. Pioneers who were central to the formation of the department profile present positions and contributions in a retrospective of their work at the university and beyond. In conversation with guests and colleagues, they reflect on the significance of architecture, urban and landscape planning at a reform university and in a society undergoing rapid change.


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