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Talk on the ASL tour: New life in old halls - for a sufficiency-oriented Henschel Quarter!

How can work and housing be thought of more closely together again? The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that in future (neighborhood) planning, work must once again be given greater consideration and thought closer to housing than before. Using the example of the Henschel site in Kassel, the master project "New Life in Old Halls" discussed previous projects and concepts and developed new ideas in the areas of neighborhood organization, mobility, housing, work, culture, education and open spaces.

In the context of the end-of-semester exhibition Rundgang, the talk provides an insight into the project results and asks: how can a sufficiency-oriented neighborhood function?

V.-Prof. Dr. Janet Merkel and M.Sc. Joana Al Samarraie
(Department of Economics of Urban and Regional Development)

in conversation with:

Tim König (Büro akp Kassel)
Mandy Bressel (Heindrich Immobilien)
Marco Linker (Büro Bankert, Linker, Hupfeld)

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