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Time and Synchronization

As part of the "KUNST@GALERIA" exhibition, the basic Visual Communication class (Kassel University of Art and Design) is showing works on various aspects of time.

As part of the opening of the "KUNST@GALERIA" exhibition to mark the start of documenta 15, GALERIA Kassel is offering students and artists a platform for 100 days to present their works of art. At a total of 19 locations in the store, including four shop windows, visitors will see contemporary art from a variety of disciplines.

At the start on June 17, 2022, the artists Andreas Ujbányi, Vreneli Harborth, Huizi Yao, Yeon-Su Lim as well as the basic class Visual Communication of the Kunsthochschule Kassel will show their works. After about 30 days - that is, in mid-July - there will be a change of artists, as well as at the end of August, so that there will always be something new to discover during documenta 15.

Under the title "Time and Synchronization", the basic class Visual Communication (2021/22) will show an installation on various aspects of time. Participating students (under the direction of Prof. Joel Baumann, Rosa Menkman and Joey Arand): Abetare Prenici, Annabell Wicke, Corinna Rhinow, Elsa Hanisch, Finja Peters, Janis Schmidt, Jaro Habiger, Leonie Witka, Newroz Agnes Ayalp, Paige Hienz, Seymoure Konnemann, Sookhyang Kim, Tuki Gruner.

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