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Online workshop: Sugar cane, beets & Co - from bittersweet good taste

We love sweets! Accordingly, sugar was and is an important commodity with increasing consumption and growing cultivation areas worldwide. Sugar cane is a political plant, because large areas of rainforest are disappearing for its cultivation, especially in Brazil. The sugar ends up as bio-ethanol in our car tanks. It was political decisions that led to this.

In the workshop we will look at the political, social and ecological sides of sweetening plants. After a technical impulse we will work with Padlets in small groups and discuss our results.

The event is free of charge. Please register below for the event. The zoom link will then be sent to you.

An event of the project #75 The Political Plant - Educational Formats at Conservation Academies and Botanical Gardens.


Store of Knowledge - an exhibition with 100 ideas from the University of Kassel for a more sustainable future, organized by UniKasselTransfer and Raamwerk

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