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Ouroboros - Live 3D Printing in the Knowledge Store

"Ouroboros" is a digital tool for designing products that are 3D printed using large nozzles. In order to avoid the messy surfaces that are created during the drop-off and set-up process, Ouroboros merges all the individual print paths into one large print path. Just like Santa's house. This results in five times shorter print times and a beautiful, uniform surface with a special texture and feel. This turns the 3D printer into a viable tool for small-batch production, such as the stand-up wardrobe shown in the "store of knowledge."

Project #68 Ouroboros


Knowledge Store - an exhibition with 100 ideas from the University of Kassel for a more sustainable future, realized by UniKasselTransfer and Raamwerk

Königsgalerie, Neue Fahrt 12 (entrance Florentiner Platz), 34117 Kassel.

Admission is free of charge.

For more information, please visit:

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