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On the occasion of the 7th Hessian Sustainability Day "Dragons of Inaction": Which dragon keeps you from protecting the environment and how you can defeat it - do the self-test!

Most people think environmental protection is important. But when it comes to acting in an environmentally friendly way, sometimes your inner pig dog feels like a huge beast that needs to be defeated. But you're not alone in this feeling!

Our minds are often subject to the "Dragons of Inaction": 36 different species of these beasts have already been discovered and more lurk in the depths of our psyche. They embody psychological barriers that consciously or unconsciously influence our decisions.

We want to help you figure out which dragons are preventing you from taking action and give tips on how to defeat your dragons.


Sept. 29, 2022, 1-6 p.m.


Königsgalerie, Ob. Königsstraße 39, 34117 Kassel (entrance Florentiner Platz). With the kind support of Königsgalerie Kassel, whose premises can be used.


Action for the 7th Hessian Sustainability Day.

Watch out! Among all the brave environmentalists who face their kites, we will raffle vouchers from the happy Bergschweinchen (restaurant), Karibu (world store) and Nachfüllbar (unpacked store) here in Kassel. So it's worth being there!