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Lecture series: Transformation in urban and rural areas - conflicts between center and periphery?

The lecture series "Transformations and the urban-rural relationship (in North Hesse)" focuses on different facets of the socio-ecological turnaround, including the region of North Hesse. Every week, two speakers from academia and practice will give lectures and discuss with each other. One of the lectures will be dedicated to reviewing the general state of knowledge on individual aspects of the transformation. The second lecture will focus on North Hesse and discuss the challenges arising from the socio-ecological transition for the region. The aim is to work out which new urban-rural conflicts are associated with the expansion of renewable energies, which challenges the North Hessian economy is facing and that the transformation processes not only have an economic side, but are also changing the North Hessian party and media landscape

Organization: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schroeder, Head of Department Political System of the FRG - Statehood in Transition


Topic on 01.11.2022: Transformation in urban and rural areas - conflicts between center and periphery?
The urban-rural conflict was at the beginning of modernity and was charged by urbanization and industrialization. It was defused by a variety of processes and institutions, above all by the welfare state and the people's parties, so that it no longer articulated itself in the foreground but more in the background. In recent years, it seems that urban-rural conflicts have once again become a relevant political category. What interests, narratives, actors and conflicts characterize the current urban-rural relationship? Can such conflicts be resolved and what is the price of doing so? The development of political answers to these questions is of central importance for the urban-rural relationship of the future - both at a national political level and locally in North Hesse.

Speakers:  Dr. Lukas Haffert (University of Zurich), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Altrock (University of Kassel; Department of Urban Renewal and Planning Theory)

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