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03/08/2023 | Neuberufene

Prof. Dr. Fabian Weber

New at the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

Image: Fabian Weber

Dr. Fabian Weber has been Head of the Department of Organic Food Quality at the Witzenhausen site since March. He studied food chemistry in Braunschweig, where he also completed his doctorate in 2012. He then completed his habilitation in the chemistry and technology of plant-based foods in Bonn. His research focuses on the characterization of secondary plant substances and their interactions and reactions during the production and storage of food. These processes have a significant influence on a wide range of food properties and are therefore a key element in understanding the physiological, health, regulatory, technological and sensory aspects of food. By understanding these molecular relationships, strategies can be developed to optimize food production value chains, e.g. through better use of raw materials or the further processing of side streams.