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Demo appointment with Science Park Kassel

The Green Office participated in an online demo appointment of the Science Park Kassel on 03/14-23.

In the appointment, start-ups presented innovative solutions for sustainable, technical building management. For example, VELI and dHIVE analyze power flows in high resolution and can display data flows much more accurately and cost-effectively than previous solutions. HYDROP WATER SYSTEMS offers a smart solution for reading water or gas consumption points with old meters, detecting anomalies and preventing water damage. BETTERSPACE controls heating thermostats with the innovative LoRaWan system and reduces heating costs. All these data can be processed by I3D ENERGY for building management in high spatial and temporal accuracy. The consumption and emissions in buildings are recorded in a smart way, so that the transformation to a smart building is made possible and a cost reduction is achieved. The potentials were discussed with those responsible for building management in the Science Park and the University of Kassel.