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Butler. Butch. Beyoncé: Queer Sex Revolution

Queer Sex Revolution

Not only since #metoo it is clear that sex is used as an instrument of power and sexual self-determination is a prerequisite for equality. Sex helps shape the society we live in. But how exactly are the demand for choice and consent and the assertion of feminist and queer causes connected? In the March issue, we get to the bottom of this and discuss with systemic sex counselor, journalist, speaker, blogger, and podcaster Theresa Lachner (Lvstprinzip, Glamour, Die Zeit, Spiegel Online, among others) about visibility and invisibility of queer-feminist perspectives on sexuality - and to what extent we need a new sexual liberation.


From the series "Butler. Butch. Beyoncé: Feminist Talk Series at the Staatstheater Kassel".

At the Staatstheater Kassel, the culture and discussion series on current feminist issues in science, art and culture takes place every two months. Under the artistic direction of Laura N. Junghanns and Dirk Baumann in cooperation with the Office for Equal Opportunities of the City of Kass el and the Equality Office of the University of Kassel , Butler Butch Beyoncé brings together protagonists from the queer scene and politically engaged young feminism - for readings, discussions and artistic positions. 

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