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04/26/2023 | Campus-Meldung

Ulrike Jordan on expert panel on climate protection and climate adaptation

For the first time, the state government has appointed a scientific climate advisory board as a new advisory body for climate protection and climate adaptation. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jordan, Department of Solar and Systems Engineering, is also a member.

Image: Photo: HMUKLV
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jordan (l.) and Minister Priska Hinz.

At a ceremony on Tuesday, five scientists received their certificates from Environment Minister Priska Hinz: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jordan (University of Kassel, Solar and Plant Engineering), Prof. Dr. Martin Lanzendorf (Goethe University Frankfurt, Mobility Research), Prof. Dr. Sven Linow (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Steinberg (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Engineering), Prof. Dr. Flurina Schneider (Goethe University Frankfurt, Social Ecology and Transdisciplinarity).

"We are making Hesse climate neutral - that is our greatest task for the coming decades. With the appointment of the Climate Advisory Council, we are ensuring scientific support for this project of the century," explained Environment Minister Priska Hinz

With the appointment of the Climate Advisory Council, the state government is also implementing an important part of the Hessian Climate Act. "Scientific expertise and the direct exchange on research and innovation help us to make the measures of the climate plan on climate protection and climate adaptation as effective as possible and thus to make Hesse climate neutral by 2045," continued Minister Hinz.


Climate advisory council enshrined in the Hessian Climate Act

The scientific climate advisory board is enshrined in the Hessian Climate Act, which was passed by the state parliament in January of this year. The establishment of the advisory board was stipulated there. All members are appointed for five years and are distinguished by their special expertise. The advisory board is independent in its recommendations and regularly advises the state government on issues relating to climate protection and climate change adaptation.