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In-service training for teachers: Theological Conversations. Introduction and reflection

In the field of tension between imparting knowledge and articulating a well-founded perspective of hope, we try in the subject of religion to enter into a conversation with students about existentially significant topics, urgent questions, hopes, fears and concerns. In addition to supposedly absurd questions such as "Are aliens allowed in church?", this also touches on basic human questions. "Who is this God of Christians and why does it affect us when his own son dies?" "Does he even exist?" "Why do people get sick and die?" "What is the meaning of my life?"
In order to meet such questions in a competent and purposeful way, conducting Theological Conversations proves to be profitable.
In this event I would like to give you an insight into this fruitful approach. In addition to the presentation of the theoretical basis, we want to take a look at the practical implementation by means of various teaching videographies. This will be followed by our own testing and reflection of the concept. The focus will be on the following questions:

What exactly are theological conversations and how do I conduct them?
What are my roles as a teacher in the conversation?
What challenges do I have to keep in mind?

Speaker: Julia Drube (University of Kassel)

Registration deadline: 19.04.2023
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