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In-service training for teachers: "And behold, it was.... Pandemic and War?" Impulses for the treatment of the "good creation of God

In view of the crisis permanence of our time around pandemics, wars, climate crisis and co. can we (still) speak adequately of a "good creation of God" which has to be protected and preserved? Or do the experiences of the past years make it necessary to subject our ways of speaking and thinking to a critical revision and to unmask the forms of language used so far as religious kitsch that conceals the fact that creation has always been a counter-power and a threat?

In this advanced training course we want to approach the problem on the basis of current systematic-theological statements and draw conclusions for religious education.

Following a research overview, we will develop and discuss our own teaching approaches to the topic, before presenting conceivable approaches and materials.

Speaker: Julia Drube (University of Kassel)

Registration deadline: 26.04.2023
Registration via website

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