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08/16/2023 | Pressemitteilung

Producing high-quality raw materials from residual biomasses

A new junior research group at the University of Kassel is investigating innovative recycling processes for residual biomasses. The aim is to use biogenic activated carbon and platform chemicals to reduce our dependence on fossil raw materials and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The BMBF is funding the project with three million euros.

How can we replace fossil raw materials and resources with biogenic equivalents and at the same time meet the increasing demands for nature conservation and environmental protection? What contribution can previously unused biomass potentials make on the way to a sustainable and circular society? As of now, a new junior research group at the University of Kassel is dealing with these urgent questions. The research project is called "Biogenic activated carbons and platform chemicals from residual biomass for the implementation of a sustainable circular bioeconomy", or Bio4Act for short, and is divided into four research areas.

"In order to achieve goals such as greenhouse gas neutrality and the preservation of ecosystems, we must not only increasingly tap renewable energy sources, but also replace CO2-emission-intensive fossil resources with biogenic ones," says Dr.-Ing. Korbinian Kaetzl from the Department of Grassland Science and Renewable Resources at the University of Kassel and head of the junior research group.