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09/11/2023 | Newly appointed

Prof. Florian Otto

New at the Faculty of Architecture - Urban Planning - Landscape Planning

Image: University of Kassel

Climate adaptation as a design task - that is Florian Otto's topic. He has been Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture | Technology since September 2023. He studied at the Technical University of Munich and has taught at TUM, ETH Zurich, the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and most recently at the University of Kassel as a visiting professor in the field of landscape aesthetics in design. In the transdisciplinary collective bauchplan ).(, Otto develops studies, concepts and processes for urban development.

The socio-ecological transformation of cities and the consistent alignment of landscape architectural action patterns with the needs of building in a changing climate will also be a focus of his future teaching and research at the department. He sees the climate crisis as a design challenge. The focus is on the research-based design of climate-resilient public open spaces.


FB06 | Architecture - Urban Planning - Landscape Planning