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Project seminar I Go: Green

The project seminar I Go: Green promotes interdisciplinary courses at the University of Kassel which, on the one hand, create an awareness of sustainability and sensitize people to the topic and, on the other hand, contribute to a more sustainable development of the University of Kassel and a more sustainable use of resources.

Interested in teaching sustainability? - Within the project seminar I Go: Green, teaching concepts are to be promoted that deal with the sustainable development of the campus and enable a holistic view of the various dimensions of sustainability. The project seminars should be interdisciplinary and have practical relevance. Ideally, they will deal with the question of how sustainability can be implemented and realized at the university in the long term. For example, the areas of energy, open spaces, mobility, nutrition and waste can play a role, but other areas are also conceivable. In addition, the learning process should be given space for participatory design and thus give students the opportunity to try out new ideas.

The aim of the project seminars I Go:Green is to improve the operational sustainability development of the University of Kassel. Through the active participation and involvement of students in the development of the university's internal environmental protection, students are taught environmental awareness and sensitization for sustainable action and the use of resources. The combination of theory and practice and the participatory approach also optimally prepares students for the challenges of professional life. The results of the project seminars form the basis for consistently implementing the topic of sustainability at the University of Kassel.

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