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Review: Pedal Power: Promoting sustainable mobility at the university - An ideas workshop organized by the Green Office

The Kassel Cycling Week took place from April 8 to April 14, 2024, with more than 30 hands-on projects at various locations in Kassel. The Cycling Week was organized by Cycassel, a cooperation of students and citizens; Cycassel originally emerged from a seminar at the University of Kassel. The aim of Cycassel is to spread the joy of cycling. The entire program and a review can be found at

During the cycling week, the Green Office's ideas workshop was also dedicated to the topic of cycling as a sustainable mobility solution. Over a period of 60-90 minutes, creative ideas were to be found and developed together with various stakeholders (students, lecturers and staff).

The brainstorming was based on the question: How can we promote the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly method of transportation on and to campus? What conditions are required for this? And where can the Green Office provide support?

Through interactive discussions and brainstorming sessions, innovative ideas and strategies were to be developed to create incentives, improve infrastructure and raise awareness of the benefits of cycling.