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05/10/2019 | Campus-Meldung

First blockchain for science

The University of Kassel is a founding member of the science blockchain "bloxberg" initiated by the Max Planck Society and operates one of the first nodes of this network at its ITS.

Image: Blocher.
On February 20, 2019, the "bloxberg Manifesto" was signed at Ringberg Castle on Tegernsee. Among the signatories was Prof. Dr. Dr. Walter Blocher, Head of the Department of Civil Law, Corporate Law and Information Law (in the second row, fourth from the left).

Securing scientific information online and worldwide in a tamper-proof way: What sounds almost like magic is now possible - thanks to the latest technologies and organization with the help of the decentralized blockchain infrastructure "bloxberg". The University of Kassel and its Blockchain Center are among the members of the consortium. 

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