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The perfect application!? (in German) - Online Seminar

The resume and cover letter are essential components of the application. Many applicants make the mistake of applying with the same resume every time. When it comes to the cover letter, many students find it particularly difficult and sit for hours in front of a blank page.

In this online seminar we will work on:

The resume:

  • How to create a successful resume

  • Tips & tricks for the design of the resume

  • What employers look for in the selection process

the cover letter:

  • How a good cover letter should be structured in terms of content

  • What a good first sentence looks like

  • How soft skills should be presented

  • Tips & Tricks on questions such as salary or starting date

 Lecturer: Jens Behrmann, Career Service

Conducted by:
  The online seminar will be conducted via Zoom. All registered persons will receive the link by mail.


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