Participatory sustainability strategy

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Establishment of a participatory sustainability strategy

...The university's change process should succeed with the participation of university stakeholders, as
it is precisely these stakeholders who exert a significant influence on the consumption of resources.

A participatory process for the sustainable development of the university

...The more diverse the ideas considered in a university's sustainability process, the more innovative the solutions can be. For this reason, all members of the university should be able to participate in the process. This takes place in idea workshops and challenges on the one hand and in the Sustain Groups on the other, in which the ideas are further developed. Depending on their qualifications and interests, participants are given the opportunity to contribute their expertise and provide impetus.

By participating in the sustainability process, the aim is to create a greater awareness of the sustainable development of the university and to promote the creative search for innovative solutions for sustainable campus life.

Idea workshops and sustain groups

New formats are intended to facilitate participation. The Green Office is currently establishing "Sustain Groups", which can be seen as a thoroughly innovative new format in the field of participation at universities. These working groups meet once a month to discuss specific topics and develop concepts for ideas that are then to be implemented. 


Survey on the participatory sustainability strategy

How are current sustainability efforts currently perceived by students and staff at the university? What expectations do they have? Can they imagine volunteering for sustainable development at the university? The first  results  of the Green Office's online survey are now available.