Project seminar I Go: Green

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Project seminar I Go:Green

...Because "doing" is at least as important as talking about sustainability!

Combining theory and practice

...Education is the key factor for sustainable development, with design competence at the center. Design competence is not only about acquiring and reflecting on knowledge, but also about implementing it responsibly. This is where the  project seminar I Go:Green comes in. Its aim is to improve the operational sustainability development of the University of Kassel. Through the active participation and involvement of students in the development of the university's internal environmental protection, students are taught environmental awareness and sensitization for sustainable action and the use of resources. The combination of theory and practice and the participatory approach also optimally prepares students for the challenges of professional life. The results of the project seminars form the basis for consistently implementing the topic of sustainability at the University of Kassel.

Each project seminar is accompanied by a Sustain Group within the Green Office and thus gains direct insight into corporate sustainability development.

By participating in the sustainability process, the aim is to create a greater awareness of the sustainable development of the university and to promote the creative search for innovative solutions for sustainable campus life.

I Go: Green

The project seminars deal with the sustainable development of the campus and enable a holistic view of the various dimensions of sustainability. They are interdisciplinary in structure and provide practical relevance. At best, they deal with the question of how sustainability can be permanently implemented and realized at the university. For example, the areas of energy, open spaces, mobility, nutrition and waste can play a role, but other areas are also conceivable. The learning process is given room for participatory design and students are given the opportunity to try out new ideas.


Two I:Go Green project seminars get underway

Attendance of the project seminars can be recognized for Bachelor's and Master's degree courses as well as in the area of key competencies, in consultation with the respective examination offices.

1. "Project seminar I Go:Green: Material exchange on the HoPla campus"

In this project seminar, students should design a materials exchange for model making, bookbinding, design-build projects and much more and prepare it for implementation. The material exchange is a place for collecting, processing and reusing different types of materials as well as a digital platform for archiving the available resources. The project seminar is designed to be interdisciplinary and is aimed at MA and BA students from all departments. The seminar is offered by the Department of Urban Design at the Institute of Architecture.

2. "Project Seminar I Go:Green: Caring and Sharing of University Space - Real-world laboratory of sustainable space use at the university"

In the seminar "Caring and Sharing of University Space", students deal with the socio-ecological building turnaround, space-sharing concepts, pedagogical space concepts, resource awareness and (spatial) sufficiency including space cushions in the form of a real laboratory in three planned focus blocks based on their own scarce working space situation. The transdisciplinary approach means that the seminar is open to students from all disciplines. The seminar is offered by the Department of Construction and Project Development | ARCHITEKTUR STADT ÖKONOMIE at the Institute of Architecture.

The project seminars can be found in the course catalog.