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More sustainability on campus!

In the "Green:Campus" theme cluster, the Green Office will focus on ideas for a more sustainable campus life. The goal is to increase biodiversity and create an infrastructure that enables a more sustainable campus life and increases the quality of stay.

Did you know?

Did you know? - that the University of Kassel has already written its third sustainability report? - uses 100% green electricity? - offers an environmental certificate for all (Master) students and doctoral candidates? - that it has already equipped its vehicle fleet with 7 electric vehicles and one hybrid and purchased 15 e-bikes? - that there is a binding resolution for the use of Blue Angel paper?

Sustainable Campus - Teaser: Sustainable Campus

Sustainability campus maps

Sustainability and climate protection are particularly important to the University of Kassel. The long-term goal is to promote sustainable development throughout the university. For this reason, sustainability should become more visible and tangible: On campus, in the delivery of teaching or in research. To achieve this, a variety of improvements are planned, such as the increased use of renewable energies, a more sustainable campus design, the promotion of climate-friendly mobility and sustainable procurement.


Transport and mobility are of central importance at universities. Therefore, the mobility generated by universities has a high relevance for the generation of greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of universities must therefore be to develop sustainable strategies and environmentally compatible concepts for socially necessary transport.