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An essential component

... of operational sustainability­development
is the Intracting project.

Through targeted measures

... Intracting can achieve savings by reducing electricity consumption­and electricity costs, which are directly used to finance new energy­efficiency measures and lead to a payback of costs in the long term.

Intracting already shows success in the short term, but pays off especially in the long term!

The positive effect of intracting becomes particularly visible when the measures are used in the long term and the funds saved are invested in new energy-saving projects. This creates a dynamic development that also makes higher-investment measures possible. This type of energy-saving financing is a no-brainer.

PV systems on university buildings

Together with the cdw Foundation, the University of Kassel is implementing a cooperation project with the aim of increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy supply of the buildings. To achieve this, a joint grant agreement with a term of ten years was concluded. At the end of this period, PV systems with a total output of around 1.13 MWpeak will be installed on the roofs of the University of Kassel.


Image: Andreas Fischer for Uni Kassel

The reduced energy consumption and associated reduced greenhouse gas emissions are expected to improve the University's environmental footprint over the long term.

Successfully save resources and energy together!

Image: Andreas Fischer

Research project Intracting at universities

The research project IntrHo has transferred the financing model Intracting, which has been tested in municipalities, to the special conditions of universities and has developed an application-oriented concept.

Research project Intracting at universities: More Infos
Image: Nina Skripietz

Guidelines for Intracting at Universities

The action guide summarizes the results of the BMWi-funded research project as well as the experience gained in its application at the University of Kassel.

Guidelines for Intracting at Universities: Read More