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The state of Hesse will also enable the University of Kassel to undertake further important structural and conceptual developments on the topic of sustainability in the years from 2021 to 2025 through its innovation and structural development funding.

The sustainability and energy efficiency projects of the University of Kassel show what is possible through a combination of structural, technical, organizational and user-related measures. In this way, necessary foundations for a sustainable and energy-efficient development of the university are created.

Projects 2016-2021

More sustainability on campus
Energy efficiency with intracting
PV systems
Local heating network
Refrigeration network

EMAS pilot study

The University of Kassel is the first university in Hesse to test the environmental management system "Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)" at the Department of Ecological Agricultural Sciences. The pilot project is accompanied by the Institute for Higher Education Development (HIS-HE).

Projects 2021-2025

User awareness
Concept and measures for sustainable mobility
Sustainable open space management
Energy master plan for CO2 neutrality
Energetic optimization of plant operation