Team Green Office / Ideas Phone

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Participation and contact

The Green Office as a central contact, organization and coordination point and as a hub for the involvement of university members can be found at in Nora-Platiel-Straße 2 on the Holländischer Platz campus.

Contact persons

For questions, ideas and wishes
please contact directly
to the Green Office team.

Georg Mösbauer

Representative for occupational safety, health, environmental protection and sustainability in the company

Valentina Binder

Participation formats, user awareness, sustainability communication ---

Klaus Stach

Energy potential analysis of the building stock ---

Dr. Jana Winter

Controlled sustainability process
Environmental management systems

Nadine Chrubasik

Sustainability Manager, Green Office Coordination, Sustainability Communication ---

Wiebke Kirchhof

Dipl.-Ing Architect
Energetic Masterplan


Karen Marschinke

Visual design,
controlled sustainability process

Jacob Wolf

Open spaces & Mobility
on the campus

Our student support

  • Sandra Schumann - Social media & Public relations
  • Peer Wagner - Event organization, research and preparation of information
  • Louis Waßmuth - Event organization, research and preparation of information
  • Christoph Dai - Support in the Sustain Groups and within the Sustainability Challenge community, preparation of planning documents

Green Office Network

In order to better coordinate the university's operational sustainability process and to be able to integrate those responsible for the various organizational units in a targeted manner, the competencies of those involved in the process will be bundled in a Green Office network.

The network ties in with existing structures of corporate sustainability management and ongoing projects and is intended to optimize the cooperative collaboration of the cross-departmental and cross-institutional development process through a joint project organization, to bundle existing offers and measures, to generate synergy effects and to help avoid parallel activities.

Dirk Schnurr

Energy efficiency with intracting
Development of local heating concept
Development of a refrigeration network ---

Jan Köster

Energy efficiency with intracting
Structural, technical or organizational energy efficiency measures ---

The Ideas Phone!