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The Green Office takes part in various events several times a year and also organizes campaigns and events on the topic of sustainability. Many different events have already taken place in the past, such as the campus festival (2022), the knowledge store in the Königsgalerie (2022), the "Ersti-Messe" (2022), an energy-saving campaign with 3 action days in 2022/2023, an ideas workshop and challenges (February 2023) and the DG HochN Jahres Hub 2023. These activities serve to make the Green Office better known and more visible within and outside the university and to enable the highest possible level of participation.

If you have ideas for sustainability-related projects, would like to get involved with us or are curious about us and our activities, feel free to drop by at any time. Write to us directly by email or visit us on Instagram! We look forward to your ideas and participation!

Many current events can be found under "All News", or in our newsletter.

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