Ausländische Studierendenvertretung (Witzenhausen)

Ausländische Studierenden Vertretung (ASV):

ASV (Ausländische Studierenden Vertretung)- the Foreign Students Committee is a community for international students in Witzenhausen. We organise parties, events, workshops, etc. to make international students feel at home. All of our events are free for students & are excellent opportunity to bond & make friends in Witzenhausen.


Aktuelle Referent*innen:
Anwesh Panda (Anwesh.Panda[at]asta.uni-kassel[dot]de )
Tolulope Adekanye (Tolulope.adekanye[at]asta.uni-kassel[dot]de )

E-Mail: asv[at]asta.uni-kassel[dot]de