03/15/2023 | Campus-Meldung

Energy price payment for Students

Information from the University of Kassel regarding the one-off payment of 200 euros (energy price payment) The one-off energy price payment for students can be applied for via the central application portal www.einmalzahlung200.de of the Federal Government starting March 15, 2023.

Entitled are all students of the University of Kassel who were enrolled on the reference date December 1, 2022, except for guest auditors, students enrolled at the Studienkolleg (foundation course) or a German course at the International Study Centre and students enrolled in the cooperative courses of study Bachelor in Berufspädagogik Gesundheit or Master in Sustainable International Agriculture. Students of these cooperative courses of study will be informed by the respective leading university (University of Applied Sciences Fulda or University of Göttingen). If you are entitled to the energy price payment, you have already received a corresponding message by e-mail from the University of Kassel.

For the application, you first need a BundID account (https://id.bund.de/). It is sufficient to “Register with a username and password“. For this basic type of registration, it is not mandatory to register with an elektronic ID (ePerso or eID) or a ELSTER certificate.

In addition to the BundID account, you need a personalized access code and PIN. If you are entitled to the energy price payment, you will find both in the eCampus of the University of Kassel. Your access code is displayed right on the home page. For your PIN, please refer to the  “PIN-Brief für Energiepreispauschale“, which you can retrieve also from March 15, 2023 in the eCampus under My Studies – Student Service – Reports/Requested Reports.

With these details, you can then apply for the payment at www.einmalzahlung200.de. Please follow the instructions on the website.

Please note: Students who de-register until the end of the current winter semester 2022/23 only have access to the eCampus until April 30, 2023.

All relevant information on the application process can be found at www.einmalzahlung200.de

Information on data protection can be found under: www.hessenlink.de/eppsgdatenschutz