University of Kassel - Your research environment

The University of Kassel stands for openness, initiative, interdisciplinary and unconventional thinking. We develop and implement excellent research ideas. We broaden your horizons and support your career development. We offer you a dynamic and stimulating research atmosphere at a modern university in Hesse.

The University of Kassel offers the best conditions for innovative and interdisciplinary research due to its broad range of subjects. Accordingly, in the university's two profile-forming research focal points, outstandingly qualified scientists work together on topics that are significant across disciplines in the medium and long term. Thanks to the superbly established interdisciplinary research climate at the University of Kassel, both core research areas contribute to finding multi-layered solutions for urgent future issues.


The Research and Graduate Funding Office will guide you through the application process. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding the eligibility for funding, advise you on your project idea, read your proposal draft (sent to us before 11.08.2024), provide feedback on the structure and evaluation criteria, and help you complete the required documents.