Statement ​​​​​​​on the relationship between university and politics (2/2024)

In view of current political developments in Germany and around the world, the question of the relationship between universities and politics has taken on a new urgency. What contribution can or should universities make to political dialog? Which positions are legitimate or necessary?

The University of Kassel is committed to human dignity and the constitutional foundations of our democracy. To this end, we consistently look for ways and procedures to achieve dialog and understanding. Science needs democracy and democracy needs science.

Populist forms of escalation and scandalization endanger this democracy. We oppose them resolutely and with the help of methodically guided analysis and differentiation. Hate is not an opinion.

One-sided partisanship for certain interest groups or parties is not one of the tasks of universities. However, it should be possible to offer a framework for differentiated debate and consideration of different perspectives. The prerequisite for this, however, is that such events are factual and non-violent and are not politically instrumentalized.