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12/22/2020 | Pressemitteilung

Study: Kassel student teachers satisfied with online teaching

Kassel's student teachers are satisfied with the digital teaching offered in the first Corona semester. Moreover, around half of the student teachers in Kassel succeeded in switching to digital teaching without any major problems. This was the result of a study conducted as part of the PRONET-D research project at the University of Kassel.

Image: Paavo Blafield.

The study was conducted as part of the AIM project "Analysis of Digitization-Related Competencies" (Johannes Osterberg, Victoria Bleck, Dumitru Malai, Frank Lipowsky), which is part of the project "Professionalization in the Kassel Digitization Network" (PRONET-D). Its goal is to analyze digitization-related competencies and attitudes of Kassel student teachers. However, students were not only asked about their competencies, beliefs and attitudes, but also about the implementation of the first digital semester at the University of Kassel during the Corona pandemic.

The study shows that students found those digital tools particularly useful that consisted not only of texts or illustrations but were also accompanied by spoken language. For example, course recordings, voice-assisted presentations, and web seminars/video conferencing were rated as particularly effective for learning.

The lack of exchange with fellow students was rated problematic by the students. Although formats such as discussion forums and group chats were used in about half of the courses, the students rated this as not very helpful. Digital small group work, which was also used in around one in two courses, was judged to be significantly more beneficial for students' own learning. Overall, however, the quality of cooperation with fellow students was rated as successful in less than half of the courses in the first digital semester.

Most students have the technical equipment they need to study under the conditions of the digital semester. According to their own statements, student teachers also generally manage well financially. However, for around 20% of those surveyed, the current situation is also financially burdensome.

Forced by the Corona crisis, student teachers witnessed online teaching concepts being developed and implemented at lightning speed. Thus, for the teachers of tomorrow, the use of digital media for teaching and learning is no longer uncharted territory after the first digital semester. The students in the study were not deterred, but reported wanting to rely more on digital media themselves after the pandemic and to use them in their own teaching. Their experience with online teaching in recent months has made them more motivated and confident in their use of digital media, the study found. Overall, the Kassel student teachers surveyed were satisfied with the digital teaching offered in the first Corona semester.

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