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04/01/2022 | Pressemitteilung

Start-up ideas are promoted with scholarships

A game on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a platform for home office and office work - these are just two ideas from universities in Hesse that are being supported in the eighth funding round of the Hessen Ideen Stipendium. The total of twelve teams - four of them from the University of Kassel - prevailed in a two-stage application process and start their start-up journey today (April 1) with the grant.

Image: Lou Hardt.
The RePlate team (Johanna Hoffmann, Sarah Marina Metz, Christine Seefried).

The Hessen Ideen initiative has set itself the task of supporting entrepreneurial ideas at Hessian universities on their way to becoming independent businesses. Hessen's Minister of Science and Culture Angela Dorn has assumed patronage: "Fresh ideas, innovative products, services and business models not only modernize the economy; they also create new jobs and, above all, solutions to the major challenges of our time. The participants in our Hessen Ideas Fellowship are embarking on an exciting six months that will be characterized by the further development of their entrepreneurial idea into a convincing business concept. I wish them every success in this endeavor. When all bright and creative minds develop their full potential, they create things that enrich and advance us. Only in this way can we shape a stable society that is capable of change and thus also fit for the future."

Program of the Hessen Ideas Scholarship

The Hessen Ideas Scholarship provides financial support for the further development of start-up ideas from Hessen's universities with up to 2,000 euros per scholarship holder per month. At the same time, the start-up teams receive intensive support and advice from an "Ideas Accelerator". In workshops, experts address topics such as financing, marketing or pitching, and the teams also receive support from coaches from the participating universities.


The following start-up teams from the University of Kassel are being supported:

Co.Working 2.0

Co.Working 2.0 aims to create a sustainable, people-oriented and future-oriented working environment that enables people to design their own workplace in a way that best suits their individual life situation. The cross-company platform aims to bring together the best of home office and office work and make inefficiently used spaces in urban areas more efficient. It also uses change management workshops and networking opportunities to help companies make the most of the benefits of new work and decentralized work to ensure long-term business success.


Every company wants to minimize its energy consumption. Be it simply to save costs or to actively engage in environmental and climate protection. ÖkoVision provides the basis for making intelligent decisions and creating awareness for sustainable resource management. The product solution not only enables the breakdown of energy consumption, but also supports making sustainable decisions. ÖkoVision's five-person team is interdisciplinary and serves both technical and economic areas of expertise.


REPLATE is a sustainable tableware rental company that rents out high-quality tableware from its own production to restaurateurs, event agencies and private individuals. Handcrafted production creates a diverse, unique product range for individual and exceptional dining experiences. By means of reprocessing, such as the removal of wear marks or the upcycling of broken goods, the life cycles of the tableware are sustainably extended at REPLATE.

SDG-based Social Simulation Games

The goal of the "SDG-based Social Simulation Games" is to combine critical education around the Sustainable Development Goals with engaging gameplay. In the context of "social simulation", players gain emotional access to the UN's 17 development goals and thereby intuitively acquire the systemic knowledge and skills needed for a more sustainable world of tomorrow.


Background: The next funding round

The next funding round will start on October 01, 2022. The application deadline is July 1, 2022. Contact for interested parties at the University of Kassel: Gabriele Hennemuth, hennemuth[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.
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