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05/17/2023 | Campus-Meldung

Humboldt Fellow from Nepal Researches Bikesharing

The University of Kassel welcomes a new fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Nivesh Dugar from Nepal is an environmental engineer and is conducting research on bikesharing in Nepal as part of the International Climate Protection Fellowship Program. He is supervised by Prof. Dr. Angela Francke, Head of the Department of Cycling and Local Mobility.

Image: University of Kassel.
Prof. Dr. Angela Francke and Nivesh Dugar at a bikesharing station.

As part of his Humboldt Fellowship, Nivesh Dugar (32) has been working in the Department of Cycling and Local Mobility for one year since March 2023. Here, he is working on the topic of sustainable mobility and is conducting research specifically on the topic of bikesharing. His goal is to develop a guide on how bikesharing can work in Nepal and with which resources this can be effectively implemented. In addition, he will also support other research projects at the department.

Dugar completed his master's degree in environmental engineering, as well as the corresponding bachelor's degree before that, at Kathmandu University. He has already worked on several projects in the fields of sustainable mobility, waste management and air pollution control. For example, he was team leader for the development of the bicycle policy for the city of Lalitpur and for the "My way, Greenway" initiative. This initiative is about using AI to motivate the citizens of the city to live sustainably and ride a bicycle. Similarly, he was involved in the establishment of a cycling related NGO "Cycle City Network Nepal" and engaged in the campaign "Kathmandu Cycle City 2020".



Prof. Dr. Angela Francke
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