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08/07/2023 | Campus-Meldung

Results of the mobility surveys

How do students and employees get from home to the university? Do they walk, cycle, use public transport or drive? The Department of Transportation Planning and Systems at the University of Kassel, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Sommer, wanted to know and conducted a mobility survey, the results of which are now available.

The photo shows bicycles at HoPla
Bicycles at the HoPla. Photo: Uni Kassel

The University of Kassel would like to make the mobility of students, employees, and visitors more efficient, environmentally and socially compatible, and thus more sustainable. For this purpose, mobility data was collected from June to September 2022, which provides important impulses for future sustainability measures. The survey took place online and was sent by mail to 21,904 students and 3,325 employees. The response rate was 1,372 (6%) for students during the lecture period (1st wave) and 1,402 (6%) during the non-lecture period (2nd wave). Among employees, the response rate was 1,330 (40%).

One important finding, for example, is that the students surveyed use environmentally friendly means of transportation for nearly three-quarters of all their trips, with the majority of trips to and from the university being made by public transportation (47%). Among the most frequently cited deficiencies in bicycle parking, capacity was named, followed by roofing and security.

Of the employees surveyed, about two-thirds make their journeys by environmentally friendly means of transport. 36% of this group take public transportation to get to the university, while 29% prefer to drive.

The survey provides an initial data basis on the mobility behavior of university members. In a second step, a concept for sustainable campus mobility and logistics will be developed, including measures from the topics of bicycle infrastructure and e-mobility, such as an increase in the number of secure and covered parking facilities for bicycles on campus.

The results of the mobility survey can be viewed on the Green Office website:ätsbefragung2022

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