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01/19/2021 | Campus News

The anniversary logo and its designer

"TODAY FOR TOMORROW" - this is the motto of the University of Kassel for its 50th anniversary (1971-2021). For the anniversary, Lingyu Jin, a student at Kassel University of the Arts, developed the corporate design (CD). "With my design, I wanted to visually convey the individuality and distinctiveness of the university," says Jin.

Image: Cigdem Özdemir

Jin has been studying Editorial Design as well as Comics and Illustration in the Visual Communication program since 2016. The student, who comes from China, will finish her studies in the summer semester of 2021. She is therefore delighted that she won the competition for the anniversary design of the University of Kassel in the winter semester 2019/20 before she graduates: "The fact that I am still able to help design such an important project during my studies is a great enrichment," emphasizes the designer. Months of conceptual work, internal coordination in teams and extensive preparation of the anniversary website are behind her. The student has created a corporate design manual on how to use the anniversary logo for online, print products or advertising materials. "For me, the anniversary logo should emphasize the strength, cheerfulness and self-confidence of the university," Jin explains. Therefore, she layered the magenta HSK 28 and the complementary yellow-green color of the university's corporate design. Through this process, Jin was able to use bolder hues to create new accents within the existing corporate colors.

Overall, Jin is taking away a lot of experience from the project work. For example, she taught herself how to use the Adobe XD program to design the anniversary website with the help of online tutorials. The designer also learned how important communication is in a team: "We created the website concept with my fellow student Amelie Noll. We discussed our ideas and came up with a common denominator. Michael Neumann then implemented the whole thing technically."

Jin emphasizes that she received technical support from her professor Gabriele Franziska Götz and her artistic assistant Milena Albiez. After her studies, she would like to work as a designer in the field of corporate identity. However, she can also well imagine designing editorial illustrations for magazines.

50 Years University of Kassel
The University of Kassel celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. Due to the Corona pandemic, events will not take place in the first half of the anniversary year, as originally planned. However, visitors* can look forward to the second half of 2021 and the big celebrations in 2022 (50+1 anniversary).
Alma Klein is chairing the anniversary event (University Communications). Information and background on the event is provided by the anniversary website

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