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In-service training for teachers: instructional psychology for teaching writing in sec. 1 (kick-off event).

In this training, we will look at four different instructional psychology principles that have proven to be particularly effective for learning and transfer them to secondary school writing instruction. How can they be used, for example, for sustainable learning of the that/that distinction, capitalization of nominalizations, comma placement, but also word types and sentence elements or text production?
Based on the lecturer's short inputs, the focus will be on the practical application of the principles to various - often particularly "problematic" - learning contents. We want to develop concrete tasks and learning settings and then try them out.
On November 8, 2022, the focus will be on spelling and grammar topics. On the second date (November 15, 2022), we will try to apply the principles to the area of text production as well. The newly developed tasks will then be tested and, on November 29, 2022 (final date), reflected on together and, if necessary, improved.

As an optional offer, the lecturer offers to conduct two lessons with an instructional psychology principle in your class (with simultaneous examination of the effectiveness); arrangements for this can be made during the training.

The instructor will be happy to come to your classroom for 1-2 hours prior to the training in order to get to know your work context and to be able to prepare the training more precisely. If this is convenient for you, please indicate this in the registration form (we would be happy to provide you with a date suggestion).

Lecturer: Dr. Elisabeth Mundt (University of Kassel)

Registration is possible until 31.10.2022 via the website of the Center for Teacher:in Education: http: //

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