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FUSION less: A plea for less | less:Comfort | Benedikt Hartl

With Benedikt Hartl, Opposite Office


Benedikt Hartl was recently described by Der Spiegel as an eco- and social activist. The rebel of thought proposed, among other things, to raise Buckingham Palace in 2019 and convert it into social housing, won the Europan competition for young architects in 2021 with the proposal to build a CO2 neutral housing estate and teaches at the TU Munich. We ask him: How radically do we need to change?


FUSION Wi­Se 2022/23

The climate, biodiversity and energy crises are forcing us to radically question current building practices. Fusion Conversations 2022/23 introduces actors who are using unconventional concepts and ideas to advocate for a true building and mobility turnaround, other forms of city and landscape, and contemporary teaching. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ASL department, Fusion continues the long tradition of progressive ecological positions of the University of Kassel and updates them for the present. less: is a plea for less: less cars, less demolition, less concrete, less CO2, less environmental destruction, less sealing, less exploitation, less capitalism. The role of urban and architectural professionals will change dramatically in the coming years. To ensure adequate education, we need more courage for experiments, interdisciplinary teaching concepts and a de-hierarchization of structures. The Fusion Talks want to unfold a utopian potential and give courage to change things ourselves.


Fusion 2022/23 is conceived and organized by the student project group Less:ON and the FG Architectural Theory and Design.

Wednesdays between 7 and 9 pm, 26.10.22 - 01.02.23
Room 106, new building ASL, Universitätsplatz 9, Kassel. Free admission. The event is recognized by the Chamber of Architects as continuing education.

Zoom livestreaming is available for each event.


FUSION: Öf­fent­li­che Vor­trags­rei­he - Po­si­tio­ns to Ar­chi­tek­tur, Stadt und Land­schaft

Scientists, planners and designers invite to the public lecture series Fusion in a weekly rythm to report about their work with special regard to their position on architecture, city and landscape and to discuss with the guests. Within the framework of Fusion, newly appointed professors and guest lecturers give their inaugural lectures.

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