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Review: Water Day at the Campus Center

On October 24, the Green Office 's Water Action Day featured lots of great water-related activities. The focus was on the inauguration of the first drinking water dispenser in the Campus Center.

The idea of installing tap water dispensers at the university has been around for some time. During the Green Office's sustainability challenge in February, staff, students and the relevant department worked together to consider how this could be implemented. We are delighted that a water dispenser has now been installed at every university location - you can now also fill your bottles at the Wilhelmshöher Allee and Witzenhausen locations :)

At the campaign day, the Green Office highlighted the benefits of tap water consumption: When we consume tap water, we not only save a lot ofCO2 and (plastic) bottles, tap water is also a much cheaper solution compared to bottled water: for one liter of bottled water you get about 200 liters of tap water. It is also, almost everywhere, very uncomplicated and available around the clock. Tap water is of very good quality and is regularly checked at the university.

To make drinking water even more attractive, you could get fruity "infused water" at the beverage wheel on the action day. The Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company and the University of Kassel's occupational health management team provided information on the topic of health and drinking enough water. University sports presented various water sports options and when trying out the rowing ergometer, you almost felt like you were rowing on the Fulda.

The exhibition "Everything in flux? Water in Crisis" by the Heinrich Böll Foundation of Lower Saxony's Leben & Umwelt foundation. Visitors to the exhibition can experience the topic of water from other perspectives, e.g. in relation to the effects of climate change on groundwater, rivers and lakes in Germany. Or the topic of water scarcity and the effects of agriculture and industry on water, and what role forests and moors play as natural water reservoirs. With this exhibition, the Green Office raises visitors' awareness of the need to protect water as a precious resource. The exhibition can be viewed in the Campus Center until  2.11.